Mystery Shopping for Senior Care Communities

MYSTERY SHOPPING for senior housing, whether it is retirement, assisted living or Alzheimer’s/dementia specialty care, is a valuable tool to evaluate the success of the company marketing and sales efforts.

Are your marketing efforts lower than expected?

Communities are able to measure quality of service, depth of employee knowledge of fundamental marketing techniques, all aspects of contact with inquiring parties as well as the sales staff ability and follow-up process.

A MYSTERY SHOPPER in this industry can learn a lot about how the community sales process is working by assessing:

  • How long it takes before the mystery shopper is greeted?
  • Whether the greeting is friendly?
  • Is the sales person courteous and empathic – are they good listeners?
  • How well informed is the initial facility sales contact person to answer questions?
  • What kind of follow-up system is in place for all inquiries?
  • Does the contact person understand the requirements for a resident admission?
  • What is the community protocol for answering the phone?
  • What is the perceived “first impression”?
  • What is the appearance of employees, building and current residents?
  • Do the current residents seem content?

Do you want to learn whether your community can improve or change their sales techniques for better admissions results? Do any of the aforementioned aspects of your community need evaluating? INQUIRE ABOUT A FREE MYSTERY SHOPPING CONSULTATION! 800-585-6556