RCFE Real Estate 2012 Thriving RCFE Business with Negative Property Equity

RCFE facilities have been impacted by the economic downturn and the real estate decline over the past 5 years.  Many RCFE’s have a thriving business but have negative equity in the real estate/property.   Consider taking advantage of the current federal and banking programs that are now available.  Most of these programs and solutions will expire at the end of this year.  Consider the following:

1. Sell your property non-deficient with no tax liability.

2. Work with experienced real estate professionals that understand the RCFE business to negotiate with the banks on your behalf.

3. Consider working with qualified investors that will acquire the property and lease back to your cash flowing RCFE business.

This could mean:

No more mortgage payments on upside down properties.

No more property tax obligation.

No more insurance premiums to pay.

Continue to run your thriving RCFE business.  For more details and information contact the ETA office @ 800-585-6556.