AB1570 and SB911 Legislative Summary

AB 1570

Increases both the RCFE administrator and  direct staff training hours and subjects covered in the training. The bill also enhances the administrator certification process specific to the exam, core of knowledge and training methods.

SB 911

Increases training hour and topic requirements for RCFE administrators and direct care staff.  Prohibits RCFEs from discriminating or retaliating against a resident, employee, or other person for contacting 911. Requires licensees providing care to residents with prohibited or restricted health conditions to ensure that care is provided by specified professionals under specified conditions.

2016 Initial RCFE Administrator Training

  • 80 hours of total hours for initial RCFE Administrator Training
  • 60 of the 80 hours in the classroom
  • 20 more hours can be classroom or online
  • 100 questions on the exam