RCFE Liability Insurance – What you should know before buying or renewing 2017

What you should know before buying or renewing your liability insurance policy:

  • Does the insurance agent charge more if you do not obtain an insurance quote through their website?
  • Does your insurance agent charge more for your insurance policy for any phone contact with the agent?
  • Does your insurance policy provide $1m of coverage for elopement or bed-ridden?
  • Does your policy have a limit of number of bedridden residents?
  • Does  your facility property insurance allow RCFE or DD operations?
  • Does your insurance agent help your business with safety training and approved RCFE/ARF continuing education credits?

Eldercare Training Academy and Sierra Professional Insurance Services have developed a liability insurance compliance chart with side-by-side comparison of liability insurance coverage, benefits, and annual premiums.   Liability Compliance Chart and Best Premium 2016

Eldercare Training Academy will provide up to 4 hours of RCFE/ARF CEU’s for Sierra Professional Insurance facility policy holders as part of their safety program.  Topics will include:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Reduce the risk of a claim
  • How to read and understand your insurance policies
  • Property, auto, worker’s compensation, surety bonds and more

Sierra Professional Insurance    775-298-7273




The Future: How Will Consumers Find Your Facility?

Technology and the Internet have impacted the residential care industry just like every other business.

The traditional ways consumers have located residential care facilities, included the phone book yellow pages, senior care directories and referral agencies.  So when was the last time you opened your telephone book to find a local business?  Chances are your telephone book is either gathering dust in a closet or is used as a door stopper.  How many times have you received inquiries from senior care directories that resulted in a placement?  What are you paying for a placement from a referral agency?

Consumers. just like you are actively searching for sevices and information on the web!

Now is the time for you to consider your own unique website for your facility.  Let the consumer find you directly.  To learn more about facility website creation, web design, and to learn how consumers can find your site, call David Brotman at 916-350-4085 or visit www.123websitebiz.com.


Internet Presence for Residential Care 2016

123websitebizBuilding an internet presence is no longer an option for today’s businesses. If you want to make it easier for potential clients to find you and learn about your services, an attractive website is a necessary place to start. 123WebsiteBiz is offering a special just for small residential care facilities (< 15 residents) For only $350, you can have a beautiful, responsive website to showcase your facility. For only $50 more, 123WebsiteBiz will design your logo and integrate it into your site design. For more information, please visit 123WebsiteBiz.com today and ask for the residential care special or call David Brotman @ 916-241-3209 during normal business hours. Note that development cost does not include web hosting and domain registration.



CCLD Enforcement for Required RCFE Liability Insurance

Community Care Licensing has begun to enforce RCFE facility compliance with Liability Insurance which includes the following:

Proof of Liability Insurance Requirements

  • All RCFE facilities shall maintain proof of liability insurance at the facility.  (Declaration page of certificate of insurance)
  • All RCFE facilities shall submit to their LPA proof of liability insurance (newly obtained, renewed or revised policy)
  • New facility applicants shall submit proof of insurance within 60 days of licensure

LPA facility visits  (routine or complaint)

  • LPA will cite licensee who do not provide proof of insurance at time of site visit
  • Citation is considered either type B or C depending on the level of risk the violation represents
  • Civil penalties shall be assessed when the licensee fails to correct the violation
  • If cited for non-compliance, the facility will have 30 days to correct

RCFE Liability Insurance Comparison Chart                                                                                                                                                                   For RCFE insurance quote contact:  Sierra Professional Insurance @ 775-298-7273


California Paid Sick Leave – Commences on July 1 2015

An employee who, on or after July 1, 2015, works in California for 30 or more days within a year from the beginning of employment, is entitled to paid sick leave.

Employees, including part-time and temporary employees, will earn at least one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours worked. Accrual begins on the first day of employment or July 1, 2015, whichever is later.   Employers are required to notify employees and display poster on Paid Sick Leave  as well.

For more information on the new law, visit State of California website.


Facility Search on CCLD Website Has Changed

Sometime in June 2014, the Community Care Licensing Division website updated the search function for Licensed Residential Care Facilities.

There are now only six different types of licensed facilities to select for a search:  1) Foster Family Agencies, 2) 24 hour Residential Care for Children, 3) Adult Residential and Day Care, 4) Elderly Assisted Living, 5) Child Care or 6) all Facility Types.

If you are searching Elderly Assisted Living, you can select search parameters by Facility Name, Street Address, City, Zip Code, and County.  If you select City and County, the page will display facility name, address, zip, license status only.  You can go on to select view and another page will display the facility name, license status and date, name of licensee with address and phone number, license number, capacity and contact information for the local CCLD office.  In addition, there is a new section for individual facilities which displays: 1) Number of times CCLD has visited the facility, 2) Number of Facility Citations, 3) Number of CCLD inspection dates, 4) Number of Complaints, 5) Map/location of facility.

There is a right side bar entitled: Facility Q & A.  According to CCLD, the change provides additional information to the consumer seeking licensed residential care facilities.