Don’t Wait until the last minute to renew your Administrator Certificate!

RCFE/ARF administrators are renewing their  administrator certificate applications too close
to the expiration date on the certificate.

The Administrator Certification Section (ACS) sends a 90-day notice prior to each
administrator’s certificate expiration date.  This is a reminder to send in your renewal
application, not a reminder to take your continuing education training program courses.

You need to allow 90 days for the processing of renewal applications from the date
that the ACS receives it.

If you have submitted your renewal you can check the application dates that are currently being processed on the ACS website

You can also check the status of applications via the ACS automated telephone system at 916-653-9300. Have ready your administrator certificate number to insert into the interactive system to learn the status of your renewal application. 

Reminder:  If you submit a late renewal applications you are subject to a non-refundable delinquency fee of $300.00.


Buyer Beware Bulletin Liability Insurance 2017

As we approach the 2-year anniversary of the CA-AB1523 liability insurance law, it is a good time for a Buyer Beware bulletin.

BEWARE of agents who require you to sign a letter to get competitive quotes. Seeking competitive quotes is smart, but don’t fall for the “sign here” ploy. You should not have to sign anything to get a competitive quote for your liability insurance renewal. Save your signature for a firm commitment once an agent has offered the best combination of low-premium and high-quality customer service. You want to be aligned with ethical partners in business who are responsive to your needs.

It is standard practice for insurance companies to send you a renewal quote 3-5 weeks prior to renewal. Call your agent if you have not received a renewal quote 3 weeks prior to your policy expiration.

Amy McNamara

General Manager

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Sierra Professional Insurance Services

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SB 183 Carbon Monoxide Prevention Act

This senate bill requires that a carbon monoxide (CO) device be installed in all dwelling units which includes all single family, apartment units, hotels, motels, condominium dorms or any multi-unit dwelling.

Installation for single family homes was to have the installation by July 2011 and multi-dwelling units by January 2013.   All residential care facilities must meet this requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Carbon Monoxide Devices



Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Dollar for dollar, email still remains one of the most powerful marketing tools for small businesses. That power has only been strengthened by the growing trend of easy access to email on mobile devices. A 2010 study by the research firm Nielsen found that almost 50 percent of mobile users’ time is spent on email, while 70 million Americans said they access email through some sort of mobile device. Those numbers are likely to go up with the increased adoption of mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Highlights:  Email’s effectiveness as a marketing tool:

74% — Percentage of online adults said email is their preferred method of communication.

 $40.56 — Email marketing’s return on investment for every dollar spent on it in 2011, according to a 2011 Direct Marketing Association report.

72% — Percentage of companies that said email marketing provided an “excellent” or “good” return on investment.

35% — The percentage of smartphone users who have made a purchase from their phones after opening an email from a business.

$63.1 billion — Total sales that commercial email will drive in 2011, compared to $57.8 billion in 2010.

59% — Percentage of users who said they delete promotional email messages as soon as they receive them, down from 73% in 2006.

107 trillion — Number of email messages sent in 2010.




Survey Results of Small Business Owners – Success characteristics

A new, independent survey has found that Small Business Owners share several distinct attributes – a sort of unique “DNA” – that help them live their passions while adapting to the shifting economic landscape.

The study commissioned by Deluxe Corporation a provider of marketing and business products for small business surveyed more than 1,000 SMB owners around the U.S. in March of this year.  The results showed 86 percent of the respondents believe they can do anything they set their minds to, with 77 percent also stating they would rather learn from failure instead of never trying at all.

“We already knew small business owners were risk takers and leaders,” said Tim Carroll, vice president of small business engagement at Deluxe. “These findings reveal how small business owners are wired and what attracts them to a less-predictable career path.

Study highlights include:

  • Heredity: Three-fourths (76 percent) of SMB owners have a family member who owned a small business.
  • Leadership tendencies: More than half (54 percent) of SMB owners wanted to work for themselves or not have a boss. A majority (89 percent) described themselves as leaders, doers (78 percent) and practical (80 percent).
  • Work-Life Balance: Women were more likely than men to say they started their businesses for flexible hours (40 vs. 25 percent).
  • I Can Do That: Men were more likely than women to say they started their businesses because they believed they could do it better than their competitors (25 vs. 15 percent) and more likely to say they always knew someday they would own their own small businesses (37 vs. 18 percent).

Compared to the general population, the research also showed SMB owners have further distinguishing characteristics:

  • Ability to influence: SMB owners are more than twice as likely to be asked for their opinions about what to buy, places to visit, or restaurants to try (33 vs. 15 percent). They are also more likely to be good at convincing others to try new products (51 vs. 32 percent).
  • They do their homework: A majority (79 vs. 44 percent) of SMB owners research products thoroughly before they purchase.
  • Demographics: SMB owners are more likely to be male (53 vs. 47 percent), to have a college or higher degree (73 vs. 37 percent), to be married (69 vs. 52 percent), and to be older (58.2 vs. 46.1 years).

When asked “What prompted you to start your business?”, the survey respondents tended to fall within one of seven distinct attitudinal clusters:

  • All Heart: They are in business for one reason only – they want to do what they love and share it with others.
  • Encore Career: Team players who are entering a second phase of their careers and took a risk with starting their own businesses.
  • Passionately Confident: Risk-takers who are born to be business owners, enjoy choosing their own paths and are very passionate about their life’s work.
  • All in the Family: Traditional-types who inherited their status as SMB owners, accounting for their long tenure and larger business size.
  • My Way: Self-motivated owners who started their own businesses for the opportunity to get what they most value – control over their schedules and hours.
  • Mastering the Niche: Visionaries who began their businesses because they saw an opportunity and wanted to capitalize on it.
  • Boss-me-not: Experienced business professionals who left their for-profit, corporate, and usually entirely unrelated jobs for one reason – to be their own bosses.





CCLD Adult and Senior Care Unit Post Reorganization Meet and Greet Schedule

CCLD Adult and Senior Care Regional Offices are each hosting a “meet and greet” this month to provide attendees with an opportunity to learn how the reorganization has impacted each Branch office throughout the state. You will need to RSVP to the Regional office you would like to attend:  

Southern California Adult and Senior Care: Sept21st from 10:00 AM RSVP to

North Los Angeles and Central Coast Adult and Senior Care: Sept 28th @ 10:30AM RSVP

San Francisco Coastal Adult and Senior Care:Sept 21st @ 1:00PM RSVP to

Orange County and Inland Adult and Senior Care: Sept 21st @ 10AM RSVP

East Bay Delta Adult and Senior Care:  Sept 21st @ 2PM RSVP

 Sierra Cascade Adult and Senior Care: Sept 21st @ 1PM RSVP

 Greater Los Angeles Adult and Senior Care: Sept 21st @ 10AM RSVP

 Northern California Adult and Senior Care: Sept. 21st @ 10AM RSVP

CCLD Regional Offices Statewide   RSVP early-There is limited seating