Don’t Wait until the last minute to renew your Administrator Certificate!

RCFE/ARF administrators are renewing their  administrator certificate applications too close
to the expiration date on the certificate.

The Administrator Certification Section (ACS) sends a 90-day notice prior to each
administrator’s certificate expiration date.  This is a reminder to send in your renewal
application, not a reminder to take your continuing education training program courses.

You need to allow 90 days for the processing of renewal applications from the date
that the ACS receives it.

If you have submitted your renewal you can check the application dates that are currently being processed on the ACS website

You can also check the status of applications via the ACS automated telephone system at 916-653-9300. Have ready your administrator certificate number to insert into the interactive system to learn the status of your renewal application. 

Reminder:  If you submit a late renewal applications you are subject to a non-refundable delinquency fee of $300.00.


Opening a RCFE What You Need to Know

There are many steps required to open an RCFE. Learn more about opening a RCFE in the Eldercare Training Academy Administrator’s Initial Certification training.

1. Attend the required Orientation given by Community Care Licensing every month throughout California.  Orientation is also referred to as “Component One. ”  Contact the local Community Care Licensing office in your area and follow their specific instructions to attend.

2.Determing what type of house is suitable for a Residential Care Home for the Elderly.  Don’t rely on the real estate agent to know the state requirements for this type of licensed housing.  if you are considering a home for this purpose make sure your real estate offer is subject to a “pre inspection” from the local fire marshal to determine whether the home meets the fire code requirements.  Fire code for Group R Occupancy < less six beds.  I

 3. Do your homework and research  existing facilities.  The Community Care Licensing website includes a list of all licensed care facilities, organized by city and/or county.  The display will show the basic information about each facility including the name of the facility, address, phone number, licensee/administrator and number of licensed beds.

4.Determine your business structure.  Determine your business structure.  Will you apply for a RCFE facility license as an individual, corporation, partnership, or LLC?  See details on business structure.

5. Determine who will be the Certified Administrator to manage and operate the business/facility.  This requires the appropriate individual to attend and complete the RCFE initial Administrator’s training.  Check webiste for shcedule of current classes.

 6. Complete the required facility application.   To obtain approval to license a home as a RCFE, an application must be completed and submitted to the local office for consideration.  The approval process can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months depending on the local office staffing, the completeness and accuracy of the application and the results of the local fire marshal inspection. Checklist application.


RCFE Application Process Part A/B

In order to open a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly an application for the property is required.

Part A/B

The application consists of two parts:  Part A refers to various licensing forms.  Part B is the narrative portion which is organized by subject B.1 to B.17. RCFE application information

Preparing an RCFE application

No matter how you approach this project it is time consuming.  In order to have the application accepted by Community Care Licensing, the forms and documents must be complete and accurate.  Before you can begin the application process you need to address several requirements that will be included as part of your application.  checklist application

 Submitting the application

The application is submitted to the local Community Care Licesning office that is responsbile for the geopgrahpic area where the property is located.  CCL offices


RCFE Application Part A and B Should You Hire A Consultant?

If you decide to complete the application yourself, make sure you set aside ample time to prepare the required documents and LIC forms correctly.  If not, you risk the possibility of having the entire application returned for corrections.  Each time the application is returned it delays the process by many months. The CCL office will continually return the packet up to three times for corrections with a final warning that the application will be denied if the corrections are not completed within a specific time period.  There is nothing wrong with using a consultant to assist you with this project.

Community Care Licensing prefers that you obtain assistance from a licensed vendor to help you with the applicaiton process.  When evaluating a consultants RCFE application services be sure to ask the following questions: 1) Experience preparaing applications, 2) References 3) Success rate for submissions 3) What the price includes 4)Are there any hidden costs or fees? 5) Will you receive a complete set of documents and a second set of documents for CCL? 6) Does the consultant guarantee they will make the necessary corrections if the application is rejected or the documents require corrections? 7) Is the paperwork customized for your facility or is it a standard template used for every facility? 8) How long does it take to complete the application? 

Eldercare Training Academy Consulting Services for RCFE Applications


RCFE Licensing Application Assistance

Eldercare Training Academy will assist a new RCFE licensee with the required facility licensing application. The comprehensive application services include:

  • tailored job descriptions

  • personnel policies and procedures

  • staff training

  • medication compliance

  • tailored program plan

  • tailored sample, menu and actvity calendar

  • admission policy

  • admissions agreement with all updated attachments

  • theft and loss poicy

Call for further information. 800-585-6556