Don’t Wait until the last minute to renew your Administrator Certificate!

RCFE/ARF administrators are renewing their  administrator certificate applications too close
to the expiration date on the certificate.

The Administrator Certification Section (ACS) sends a 90-day notice prior to each
administrator’s certificate expiration date.  This is a reminder to send in your renewal
application, not a reminder to take your continuing education training program courses.

You need to allow 90 days for the processing of renewal applications from the date
that the ACS receives it.

If you have submitted your renewal you can check the application dates that are currently being processed on the ACS website

You can also check the status of applications via the ACS automated telephone system at 916-653-9300. Have ready your administrator certificate number to insert into the interactive system to learn the status of your renewal application. 

Reminder:  If you submit a late renewal applications you are subject to a non-refundable delinquency fee of $300.00.


Buyer Beware Bulletin Liability Insurance 2017

As we approach the 2-year anniversary of the CA-AB1523 liability insurance law, it is a good time for a Buyer Beware bulletin.

BEWARE of agents who require you to sign a letter to get competitive quotes. Seeking competitive quotes is smart, but don’t fall for the “sign here” ploy. You should not have to sign anything to get a competitive quote for your liability insurance renewal. Save your signature for a firm commitment once an agent has offered the best combination of low-premium and high-quality customer service. You want to be aligned with ethical partners in business who are responsive to your needs.

It is standard practice for insurance companies to send you a renewal quote 3-5 weeks prior to renewal. Call your agent if you have not received a renewal quote 3 weeks prior to your policy expiration.

Amy McNamara

General Manager

CA Lic#0L26522

Sierra Professional Insurance Services

SPI Specializes in Liability – Commercial Property – Worker’s Comp

Save money with the best coverage to protect your business. Free quotes at


RCFE Liability Insurance – What you should know before buying or renewing 2017

What you should know before buying or renewing your liability insurance policy:

  • Does the insurance agent charge more if you do not obtain an insurance quote through their website?
  • Does your insurance agent charge more for your insurance policy for any phone contact with the agent?
  • Does your insurance policy provide $1m of coverage for elopement or bed-ridden?
  • Does your policy have a limit of number of bedridden residents?
  • Does  your facility property insurance allow RCFE or DD operations?
  • Does your insurance agent help your business with safety training and approved RCFE/ARF continuing education credits?

Eldercare Training Academy and Sierra Professional Insurance Services have developed a liability insurance compliance chart with side-by-side comparison of liability insurance coverage, benefits, and annual premiums.   Liability Compliance Chart and Best Premium 2016

Eldercare Training Academy will provide up to 4 hours of RCFE/ARF CEU’s for Sierra Professional Insurance facility policy holders as part of their safety program.  Topics will include:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Reduce the risk of a claim
  • How to read and understand your insurance policies
  • Property, auto, worker’s compensation, surety bonds and more

Sierra Professional Insurance    775-298-7273




RCFE/ARF Administrator Training Requirements 2016

Administrator Recertification

  • Of the 40 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) required to renew (or 20 for  RCFE/NHA administrators), administrators must complete:
    • At least four (4) hours in laws, regulations, policies and procedural standards for their facility type, and if not included in their initial administrator training,
    •  At least (1) hour in cultural competency and sensitivity to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.  RCFE Administrator must complete
    • At least eight (8) hours (RCFE only) in the subject related to serving residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, including, but not limited to instruction related to direct care, physical environment and admissions procedures and assessments.
  • Only CEU courses approved by CDSS (or Regional Centers where applicable for GH and ARF administrators) will be accepted toward fulfilling CEU requirements
  • Recertification applications cannot be submitted more than 90 days before certification expiration
  • LIC9214 is the new Administrator Certification application form to be submitted for renewal to CCLD.

The Future: How Will Consumers Find Your Facility?

Technology and the Internet have impacted the residential care industry just like every other business.

The traditional ways consumers have located residential care facilities, included the phone book yellow pages, senior care directories and referral agencies.  So when was the last time you opened your telephone book to find a local business?  Chances are your telephone book is either gathering dust in a closet or is used as a door stopper.  How many times have you received inquiries from senior care directories that resulted in a placement?  What are you paying for a placement from a referral agency?

Consumers. just like you are actively searching for sevices and information on the web!

Now is the time for you to consider your own unique website for your facility.  Let the consumer find you directly.  To learn more about facility website creation, web design, and to learn how consumers can find your site, call David Brotman at 916-350-4085 or visit


RCFE/ARF Continuing Education Irvine January 2016

Eldercare Training Academy has scheduled two days of continuing education classes for RCFE/ARF CEU’s at Atria Woodbridge in Irvine Saturday  January 16th and Sunday January 17th 2016.

Saturday, January 16th, trainer Michele Mylonas will provide the required training on the subject of Alzheimer’s dementia in a residential care setting.  Michele will bring students current research and news on the subject.

Sunday January 17th, trainer Ofelia Angeles, will provide training on skin breakdown, pressure ulcers, end of life, hospice and palliative care, and caring for immobile residents in a residential care setting.

To register for classes, call 800-585-6556 or registered online at

Flyer with registration


RCFE/ARF Continuing Education San Dimas January 2016

Join us for RCFE/ARF continuing education January 30th and 31st 2016 (Saturday and Sunday) at Atria Rancho Park in San Dimas.

Saturday January 30th, trainer Samuel de Guzman, LVN will provide training on medication management, new staff training requirements and workplace injury prevention and safety.

Sunday, January 31st  Sam will return for a second day of training to address skin breakdown,  pressure ulcers , end of life, hospice and palliative care and caring for immobile residents in a residential care setting.

Flyer and registration form. Contact the ETA office @ 800-585-6556